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PurelySecurity :: InfraRed Cameras
Are you looking for a hidden camera? A spy cam? A covert nanny camera system to watch over your house, children and property? Are you looking for an easy to setup home security system? Our quality wired and wireless cameras can do just that and more. Application of these cameras is only limited by your imagination and you can set it up in 2 minutes.

All you need is your TV/VCR/Camcorder and you can watch or/and record all the actions.


  InfraRed Cameras

Commando Infrared Night Vision Goggles

Millitary grade night vision commando googles

Our price : $ 920.00 (Shipping is free!)
RRP $2500

The market is almost flooded with night vision devices of a wide variety. Unfortunately some of our competitors still try to hide second quality night vision devices or old military night vision devices as well as trashy copies behind the most tantalizing advertisements, which arenít called into question by inexperienced customers. Many of these ostensible offers appear like shooting stars overnight on the market and disappear as fast either. The unpleasant consequence: You purchased useless scrap, which canít be send it for repairs and for which you canít even get any spare parts.

Purely Security receives countless emails from disappointed customers who bought inferior goggles from other sellers. Usually they paid high prices for their night vision devices and still received a defective one. Spare yourself the trouble! Trust in tried and tested quality from Purely Security Night Vision Technology. Purely Securityís night vision devices wonít let you down when you really need them. That is also one of the reasons why we are a top seller for high quality night vision devices!

See for yourself! Here are just some of the European Institutes, Police Units and Agencies who made their decision for Purely Security Night Vision Technology after extensive tests:

  • German Police
  • Coast Guard Germany
  • Macedonia Frontier Police
  • German Mountain Rescue Service
  • Coast Guard Gran Canaria
  • German Institute for Zoology (Africa-Excursion)

And all those private users of Purely Security Night Vision Technology shouldnít be forgotten!!!

How is it possible to offer this night vision device so low-priced?

Since you buy directly from us, you save the money a regular retailer would add to the price to cover his profit margin. Furthermore we want to promote our products, that is why we are offering special prices for a short time right now. Hereafter our products will be available for regular prices again!

The Purely Security Commando goggles are developed, professional night vision eyeglasses which enable you to a hand-free, comfortable and simple type of the night vision.

Best processing and highest image quality with even the smallest dimensions distinguish the Purely Security Profi night vision goggles.

The Purely Security Commando goggles possesses 6 different stages of adjustments for the head fixation and through padded face mask can be fitted comfortably on any head.

The developed 6-times-hold-up-system is no comparison to the usual elastic strips, heading hoods etc. of many night vision eyeglasses.

The Purely Security Commando goggles can be removed within few seconds from the head fixation and be used as a high performance binocular mini night vision device. You thus save the purchase of a handheld device since the Purely Security Profi night vision goggles are two devices in one.

Eye errors can within the area of + / - 5 diopters be completely balanced out, whereby even spectacle wearers can enjoy highest observation comfort.

The additional infrared mechanism enables bright view even in absolute darkness. You can thus move freely in tunnels, caves, cellars etc. and have always a bright and pleasant view.

The Purely Security Commando goggles enable even at night the view through daylight optics e.g. telescope and binoculars!

Convincing Facts::

  • View perspective (1: 1). See as in the reality!
  • Binocularly: Super view for both eyes!
  • Weight: only 980 g due to up-to-date technology
  • Field of view: 36 degrees
  • Diopter balance: + / - 5 diopters
  • Battery: 2 x R6 Mignon inclusive infrared mechanism
  • Readiness of application without infrared: up to 10 consecutive hours
  • Readiness of application with infrared: up to 6 consecutive hours
  • Infrared infrarot-Illuminator: optimal frequency tuning for more brightness and performance
  • Dimensions: 180x120x170 mm

Packages includes all items below:

  • 1 x Night vision commando nigh vision goggles
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 X Backpack

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