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We are the manufacturer of most wireless spy cameras available on the market today. All wireless security system are made with the highest quality A-grade ceramic chips. We stand behind our products like no others and offer a one month phenomenal warranty on all the camera products and wireless security system.

We will beat any advertised price on the same item!
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Are you looking for a hidden camera? A spy cam? A covert nanny camera system to watch over your house, children and property? Are you looking for an easy to setup home security system? Our quality wired and wireless cameras can do just that and more. Application of these cameras is only limited by your imagination and you can set it up in 2 minutes.

All you need is your TV/VCR/Camcorder and you can watch or/and record all the actions.


 Frequently Asked Questions
If you can't find your answers here please feel free to contact us.

Q: Are these spy cameras PAL/NTSC compatible?
A: We will send PAL or NTSC spy camera system depending on the destination country in the delivery address you specify. For example we will send NTSC system to U.S.A., Canada, Japan and send PAL system to all other countries (Europe, Australia and the rest of the world).

Q: Can I connect the spy camera to my computer?
A: Yes you can, by using one of these DVR cards. You can use a PCI DVR card to install on your desktop PC or a top of the range USB DVR card to connect to your PC/Laptop. It's compatible with Windows 2000/XP/98 and comes with all required software for video recording and editing. If you are computer savy you can even set up your own live Internet monitoring.
Q: What is LUX?
A: LUX is the measurement of low light needed for the camera to view and record properly. A unit of measurement of the intensity of light. It is equal to the illumination of a surface one meter away from a single candle. In dictionary terms: The International System unit of illumination, equal to one lumen per square meter.
Q: What is CCD?
A: CCD stands for Charge-coupled device. CCD is a sensor for recording images, consisting of an integrated circuit containing an array of linked, or coupled, capacitors. The CCD camera has a little bit higher resolution than CMOS. The camera also functions better in low light. A CCD camera drains a bit more power than the CMOS cameras. It uses 12v instead of 9v. CMOS(Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) camera is smaller than a CCD camera and works longer with the 9v battery.
Q: Do any spy cameras come with audio?
A: All 2.4 GHz mini cameras come with audio by default. 1.2Ghz cameras do not have audio unless specifically stated in the item description. We can always add audio to the 1.2Ghz cameras for you at $16 extra.
Q: How do I hook up the Plug and Play connection camera?
A: This is done by running the RCA (Aux) line into the VIDEO IN of the VCR or TV. The TV or VCR must be set to "AV" mode to view the VIDEO IN picture. Please also refer to the spy cameras instruction. Connecting to your camcorder is also easy and similar with connecting to your TV.
Q: How long will the camera last with a 9-volt battery?
A: A good new 9v battery will last 4~8 hours on the mini spy camera but shorter on the wireless receiver. It's recommended you use a 9v 500mA DC adaptor on the receiver for better performance. There are two sorts of power supplies we sell, 8v for the spy camera and 9v for the wireless receiver. These power supplies are specifically made for the spy camera system and will prolong product life.
Q: What will show up in my credit card statement?
A: It will show "PayPal Security Cameras" in your credit card statement.
Q: Is it secure to shop online?
A: Shopping online can be as secure as shopping in a regular store. We use the most secure 128 bits encrytion provided by PayPal. All your information is securely sent to the payment gateway. We also do not keep any of your credit card information. For details please refer to our privacy policy. All online purchases are required by law to issue the customer a receipt number or order id. You will receive an order number after you complete the purchase.
Q: I still do not feel comfortable using my credit card online, can I still buy your cameras offline?
A: Yes you can make a bank deposit if you like. Please contact us and specify your name, delivery address and which cameras you like to order. We will provide payment instruction as soon as we receive your offline order.
Q: Will I be taxed by custom?
A: In most cases the answer is "NO". Because item is sent by airmail and marked as gift, it's unlikely you get taxed by such a small item. We have send thousands of these cameras worldwide and we know.
Q: How long will delivery take?
A: From past experience it takes about 9~14 days(after credit card payment cleared) to reach Europe, Australia and USA. Some customers even receive items in less than 7 days!
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We are the manufacturer of most spy surveillance cameras available on the market today.
All cameras are made with the highest quality A-grade ceramic chips. We stand behind our products like no others and offer a one month phenomenal warranty on all the camera products.

Satisfaction GUARANTEED! Shop with your full confidence. If you can't find what you are looking for here or have any questions please feel free to contact us. We are here to help you.

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